Building trust, stability and peace of mind.

Committed to enhancing the relationship between employers and domestic workers.
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Our Why

YESDomestic offers trust, stability and peace of mind to one of the largest workforces in South Africa. We facilitate and enhance the relationship between employers and their domestic workers. We provide employers of domestic workers with the platform and tools to ensure that this important relationship is built on trust and mutual understanding, leaving both the employer and domestic worker with the peace of mind that this relationship will be to the benefit of all.

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Our Services

Online management system


Monthly payslip


Employee file management system


Labour assistance & cover


Contract of employment


UIF administration


Labour support

Our user-friendly online portal provides functional support, resources and tools to manage and document your relationship with your domestic worker effectively.

Easy Online System

Organise all your necessary documentation, records and files in one convenient place.

Monthly Subscription

Domestic Worker

/per month

for 1 domestic worker

Multiple Workers

/per month

per additional domestic worker

How it works

Registering and managing your YESDomestic online portal.


Fill in payment details and pay

Step 1

Complete your employer details

Step 2

Fill in UIF details

Step 3

Setup Domestics details
We will guide you through the process step by step, and if at any point you are unsure of what to do next we will be there to assist you.

YESDomestic, building trust, stability and peace of mind between you and your domestic worker.

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