Refund Policy

Placement Transactions

Edomestix (Pty) Ltd (“YESDomestic”) will only refund if there was an inability from YESDomestic to perform in terms of the declared processes and benefits to the client as stated in the official YESDomestic Package information as described on this website.

Subscription Services

Clients who sign up for the Integrated Online Management System will only receive refunds; if they have not received confirmation of the activation of their profiles within forty eight (48) business hours from the time of submitting registration and payment through the YESDomestic website, or where applicable, AND/OR they have not received a draft Contract of Employment for perusal within 48 hours after registration.

YESDomestic will not be able to cancel a subscription and/or refund where a draft contract of employment has been submitted to a client.

Further questions?

For more information please contact our call centre on 072 183 7704