A Domestic Worker Contract with YesDomestic

How it works

Registering on and using the YesDomestic platform and tools is quick and easy. You will be taken through a process of giving us the relevant information about yourself and your domestic worker or workers. Once registered, you will be able to use our platform and tools to conveniently and easily manage this important relationship, including that all-important domestic worker contract. It leaves both your employees and yourself with the knowledge and security that this relationship is built on a foundation of trust and mutual understanding.

domestic worker contract

The registration process involves:

domestic worker contract


Fill in payment details and confirm
Domestic worker contract

Step 1

Complete your employer details

Step 2

Fill in UIF details if already registered

Step 3

Setup Domestics details

Once registered:

  • Your employee/s contract and job description will be ready.
  • UIF registration will be completed.
  • Assessment of UIF in arrears will be made.
  • You will be able to use the following online tools:
    • Electronic timesheets
    • Create monthly pay slips
    • Leave administration of all leave types
    • Log absenteeism
    • Log leave
    • Make notes on worker’s personal profile
    • Access our National Call Centre

You will be assisted by experienced labour practitioners in any matters regarding your Domestic Worker/s.

(Terms and conditions do apply)
This will give you access to professional labour law experts to assist with any labour matters such as:
o Disciplinary matters
o Conciliations set down by the CCMA
o Con/Arb matters set down by the CCMA
o Arbitrations set down by the CCMA