Safeguarding Employers and Domestic Workers Rights


YESDomestic was established to facilitate and enhance the relationship between employers and their domestic workers. We equip and provide employers of domestic workers with an up to date platform and the relevant tools, to ensure that this important relationship is built on trust, transparency and a solid mutual understanding. Safeguarding both the employers and domestic workers rights, YESDomestic is committed to building a stronger and mutually beneficial working relationship that benefits both parties.

domestic workers rights
domestic workers rights
Trust Domestic Worker and Employer
domestic workers rights

Trust. Stability. Peace of mind. Uniting the domestic workforce.

Having a contract in place with your domestic worker ensures that both parties are aware of their individual duties and responsibilities, as per labour legislation. If you as an employer have not yet established this framework, our services make it simple and convenient to implement, thus honoring your domestic workers rights. In the event of this relationship requiring intervention, labour specialists will be there to facilitate and mediate this process

A streamlined service. Apply with ease.

A working relationship that is built on trust.

We help to grow solid foundations for relationships between domestic workers and employers through building trust and mutual understanding. Each party should understand what their responsibilities and duties are, with employers and domestic workers rights respected at all times. YesDomestic assists its members with compliance to current labour laws, ensures that the administration thereof is simple, convenient and up to date. We supply the employer with the relevant employment contracts, timesheets, monthly payslips and other resources such as leave and sick days. We extend our service offering by providing our services by assisting with the registration and administration of UIF, making the process as painless as possible.

Even the strongest employer-worker relationships can become strained and take an emotional toll on both parties. Should an employer or domestic workers rights become compromised, such situations require intervention, YESDomestic members benefit from initial labour law and disciplinary advice services, further extending to representation in the CCMA, if required. We will assign experienced partners to assist you in dealing with these situations in a professional and mutually beneficial way. Members can be assured that, when legal matters need to be addressed, any conflict can be resolved both swiftly yet professionally.

Professional guidance. Successful intervention.

Honoring Domestic Workers Rights