Registering UIF for domestic workers has become an increasingly hot topic in the current labor climate. As the winds of change spread, the onus rests squarely on you, the employer, to ensure compliance and contribution. In our previous Article,  we discussed the essentials of drafting a bullet-proof domestic worker contract. This month, we examine the importance of registering your employees for UIF. It’s more straightforward than you may think.


Who must register for UIF and make contributions?

When you employ a worker who works 24 hours or more per month, you are obliged to register yourself as an employer of a Domestic Worker. Subsequently, you will also need to register your domestic worker as your employee. UIF for domestic workers is a statutory requirement which must be honored, both for the transparency of your working relationship and the protection of workers’ rights. Yesdomestic will ensure that you are registered immediately, and your UIF Registration number will be placed on your profile in the member Portal.  For the duration of the domestic worker contract, you as the employer, must deduct 1% of the remuneration of the employee and pay it over to the UIF fund, combined with an equal amount as employer contribution.


How is UIF for domestic workers paid on a monthly basis?

The UIF contributions are invoiced on a monthly basis along with your monthly subscription and must be paid to Yesdomestic monthly. Yesdomestic has registered an official group with the UIF in order to  transfer all UIF contributions on a monthly basis to the UIF on our members behalf.


What about the Ufiling Profile that needs to be completed?

Yesdomestic automatically creates your uFiling profile and maintains your employee details on the profile.


What happens when my domestic worker leaves?

When your employee’s services are terminated or he/she goes on maternity leave, Yesdomestic will issue all the required UIF Forms. These include the UI-19, Remuneration Schedule etc, to the employee to enable him/her to apply for the Unemployment Insurance Benefits they are entitled to. In order to update your portal profile and suspend any contributions, it is required that you as the employer, should inform Yesdomestic Admin when your Helper leaves employment.


YesDomestic – Your one-stop UIF Solution

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